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October '99 Update

As well as the preliminary launch material,each month you'll be provided with brand new, up-to-date material on the Dragon.

First a request: I`d like to know which of the games featured in the launch material you would like more commentary and analysis on. So please email me with the games you`d like to see covered in more detail and I will try to feature them in a bumper November update, together of course with the new stuff!

Amazingly during this year's British Championship WGM Harriet Hunt fell for the same trap that young superstar Luke McShane had walked into a few weeks prior. Fortunately her obtaining a draw against the eventual winner Julian Hodgson saved the publishers of Nunn's Chess Openings from further embarrassment. Having overlooked it previously, Gambit moved quickly to make corrections in this 6 Bc4 variation for a quick reprint in order to uphold their promise that all assessments are computer checked. In a similar vane here you will find a revised annotation of the game McShane-Borge.

I am still awaiting suggestions from you of what to look at in the Yugoslav Attack but in the meantime have inserted some annotations in the Bc4 and Qe2 line, see CW20.

One of England's leading juniors Richard Pert tried a home brewed novelty in a kind of 6 Bc4/Classical hybrid against me. I considered that worthy of inclusion and so you'll find it in the Classical Dragon section (see CW86).

Finally an encounter which I have tried to forget but because of its theoretical importance have unselfishly (even if I say so myself!) reproduced exclusively for my readers. The critical Accelerated Dragon (via a Symmetrical English) recent clash Wells-Ward from Scarborough thrilled pretty much everyone except myself. Yes the most expensive and inexplicable mistake I've ever made left me sulking for quite some time and if you don't mind as it's now well and truly back in my mind, I think that's exactly what I'll go and do now!

And please don`t forget to email me with those games or lines that you`d like to see me focus on in November. Until next time!