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r pasta sides. Serve a 1-oz. salad without dressing, and as an option, soup or an appetizer. The final course of a meal, dessert, is ty pically the easiest to plan. Estimate one tart, pastry or slice of cake per guest, 5 oz. ice cream or 4 oz. of a creamy dessert per per son. Beverages For beverages such as sodas, tea or punches, plan on three drinks per guest. One 2-liter bottle will fill 10 8-oz. glass es. A good rule of thumb for supplying sufficient coffee is that guests tend to drink one cup of coffee every 1.3 hours, that equals to free fishing trip gift certificate template approximately three cups over a 4-hour period.1 Remove the outer, paper-like peel from a garlic bulb. Place the bulb bottom-side down on a cutting board. Press down on a bulb of garlic with the bottom of your hand to separate the cloves. 2 Trim the roots of the garlic Chess Publishing cloves off with a serrated knife. Peel off the skin that surrounds the clove with your fingers. Slice the cloves if you desire a mild f .

tes. 4 Remove the cloves from the heat when golden brown with a slotted spoon. Drain the fried garlic cloves on a paper towel-lined pla te.1 Hold a ripe avocado in one hand. With a butter knife, use the other hand to make one cut around it lengthwise and down to the seed . 2 Break apart the avocado by holding one half in each hand and twisting in opposite directions. The seed will remain in one half of t he avocado. 3 Remove the seed by working a large spoon under it to scoop it out. 4 Hold the avocado half in your palm. Slide the spoon 532 basic best fonts collection - honest between the avocado flesh and the peel, separating the peel from the avocado half. Repeat for the other half to remove its peel. 5 Fit the avocado back together and place it in one hand. Slice the entire avocado with a butter knife into the desired width for sandwiches, Chess Publishing salads or appetizers.Origin Gelatin, animal protein derived from collagen, dates back over 4,000 years to the Egyptian pharaohs. It ge .

. Jewelry Gummi Bear-themed jewelry draws candy fans. The gummi-style bears, in colors not available as candy, appear on necklaces, bra celets and earrings. The bears are molded plastic. Television The candy Gummi Bears inspired the weekly televised series Disney's Adven tures of the Gummi Bears. The 47 episodes from 1985 to 1988 center on six Gummi Bears with magical powers. Flavors Haribo colors the be ars by flavor. Typically, clear bears taste like pineapple, red bears are raspberry flavor, yellow bears are lemon, orange bears are or buy the best website templates ange flavor and green bears are strawberry flavor. Blue Bears Haribo Goldbears offer no blue bears. Using fruit and plant extracts for color, the company makes yellow, green, red and other colors. A suitable bright blue fruit or plant extract color has not been found.1 Chess Publishing Place two cups of yogurt into a yogurt cheese maker and place it in the refrigerator for 3 hours. If you do not have a yogurt cheese ma .

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