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Hi people!
Starting away from the Yugoslav Attack, this month we have for your delight...

To download the November '09 Dragon Sicilian games directly in PGN form click here: Download Games

Granat-Ward looks at the Classical:

with the conclusion being for White not to go down the Nxc6 route and for Black to keep an eye out for ...Ng4 possibilities.

Nokes-Jones; It's not the first time that we've seen 6 h3 and for White to aim for a more ambitious fianchetto system:

Typically well handled by Gawain!

Haznedaroglu-Gunnarsson; Yep, even the Accelerated Dragadorf is getting theoretical these days with the arguably critical 9 a4 e5 variation:

being tested by a long castles approach.

Efimenko-Pavlovic; Could it be that 9 g4 Be6 10 h4 d5 isn't as clear cut as people had assumed?

This game might suggest that to be the case.

Luther-Polzhin; We're talking the Yugoslav Attack 9 0-0-0 d5 pawn grab line and I must confess to being a bit bemused to how this tactical encounter ends. Check out the annotations and you'll see what I mean!

Anisimov-Amonatov; The still sort of trendy ...Nxd4 with ...b5 system and I love the way that Black tackles the typically tedious 13 e5:

Clearly Black has winning chances!

Okay see you all back here the same time next month! Best wishes.

Chris (and Gawain!)

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