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30,000+ GM commented games in pgn format

The latest opening theory! is an online publisher of chess opening theory. We employ 10 GMs and 4 IMs who publish monthly opening articles, downloadable PGN files, PDF eBooks and playable eBooks.

All 12-section (Gold Plus) subscribers can now access the ChessPublishing material on GCHESS for free!

The updates are also available to subscribers on the free Forward Chess app, for iOS and Android.

"I really like this site and highly recommend it to everyone!"
- GM Ruslan Ponomariov

Recent additions

September 25
A balanced update
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September 23
English & Flank Openings
Searching for imbalance
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September 22
Nimzo & Benoni
Ideas from the World Cup
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September 16
Open Sicilians
Rare theoretical lines and early innovations
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September 16
1 e4 e5
Theoretical battles in the World Cup!
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