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Gold Plus!

This is a special bonus section just for Gold Card subscribers (those who subscribe to all twelve sections).

With Chess needing a constant commitment to learning, our Gold subscriptions offer great value. Many players also enjoy other opponent-based games such as poker (which are easily found online now).

New subscribers will probably be interested in the One stop games download where they can download all the annotated ChessPublishing games in double-quick time.

While some chess players are naturally more cautious, and others take more risks, you can still win in chess without taking any risks whatsoever. If you compare this to lottery popular on the web, players take the same chance on every ticket they buy, but they have no control over the outcome. The stronger chess player can control both risk and result, the complete opposite of a lottery draw.

The jewel of this section is Blindfold Chess written by Manuel Lopez exclusively for Gold Card subscribers, which discusses the History of Blindfold Chess, how to visualise the position without use of a board, and why this is an essential requisite for a strong chessplayer.

However, he doesn't stop there, as he also offers many different types of exercises to develop your blindfold ability, and a special program (written by Manuel himself) to further enhance it!

Whilst some people argue there is also an element of strategy in casino-based games (e.g. these for UK gamblers), arguably Chess is one of the most challenging games that involves out-thinking your opponents.

Next, a section on Opening Trends in Computer Chess by computer expert Harvey Williamson.

There is also Mr Mo's Double Trouble, GM Paul Motwani's guide to deadly weapons in a wide range of openings! Plus a short series of GM Articles.