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Ginger GM - Chess Grandmaster Simon Williams

Of course, is not the only chess-related site on the web, by any means, and on this page we will describe some of our favourites.

Play Chess

HIARCS Chess Software for PC, Mac, Palm and Pocket PC
World class computer chess software programs with superb features for beginners and Grandmasters alike.

Play online chess at

A correspondence chess server where people can play Chess and Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess).

Play free email chess at

Free Online Chess School

The Free Internet Chess Server

Chess Info, useful information and reviews for any chess lover.

ChessCafé is the excellent online chess magazine & bookshop.

Chess Today

Chess Today is the first daily electronic newspaper on chess and is delivered via e-mail in PDF, PGN and CBV formats (3-4 pages on average). GM Alexander Baburin started it in November 2000 and currently Chess Today has two editors and five journalists: IM Vladimir Barsky, IM Maxim Notkin, GM Ruslan Scherbakov, GM Mikhail Golubev and GM Alexander Baburin. Almost every issue has one well-annotated game and 1-2 tactical puzzles, as well as the latest chess news. - Highly recommended!

GM Victor Mikhalevski's own site.

Chess Improvement

Top quality teaching site including a unique, interactive chess gym to improve your chess. Money back guarantee. - Free chess articles on a range of topics to help the average player improve.

Chess Musings Blog - Musings of a Chess Enthusiast.

John Harbour's site provides free online chess tutorials and puzzles Here you'll find lessons in chess tactics, chess lectures, thousands of chess combinations, some chess history and chess games of all World Championships. You can coach yourself online!

Other Chess offers kids chess games and educational games for kids.

Dutch startpage for chess.

A Tempo Magazine for music lovers (English). A Tempo Magazine (Dutch)

Schaak Academie Chess books (in Dutch).

Similarly: "I visited your website at Your books are great! I'm trying to put together a section on my site to as many quality chess websites as I can find. I've added your website's listing to my link directory which you can view... The Best Chess Tables."

Palview is the program for Windows that was used to create the JavaScript and CSS windows for replaying chess games that are featured on ChessPublishing since the beginning of 2003. The program was coded by Andrew Templeton, but was created by a group effort, a group that includes Eric Bentzen and Alan Cowderoy.


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Puzzle Master - Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.

Play Chess
Chess Info
Chess Improvement
Other Chess