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Chess Architecture Version 2 2019/02/25

by Keith McCaughin

This paper on Chess Architecture is unique. There are no papers like it that I can find and I have looked at virtually everything. There is training for every aspect of the game but architecture and the associated structured thinking and planning. It includes the 10 golden moves of the chess opening as an example of how to use the architecture.

The goal of this chess architecture is to help create a habit in a chess player of thinking rigorously and at peak level on every move of every chess game through continuous conscious use in practice. “One bad move nullifies forty good ones” said Bernhard Horwitz a German Chess Master. I present and explain a four-level chess architecture with an embedded six-stage cycle to train the chess player’s mind. I believe conscious repetition of the stages within the levels of the architecture is a key to playing chess at a consistently high level.

You can download the paper in Acrobat PDF form here. To download the latest version of Acrobat Reader, click on Get Acrobat Reader, although most browsers can open PDF files nowadays.

About the Author

Keith McCaughin is a retired Systems Engineer and Enterprise Architect with the MITRE Corporation, a federally funded research and development corporation. His research and development experience in enterprise architecture applies to chess or any other complex human endeavor. He has a BS in Information Systems and an MS in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.