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Hello everyone,
This time I didn't play any tournaments, but interesting games and new opening ideas are not missing.

Download PGN of April '15 1 e4 e5 games

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Spanish - Marshall with 12.d3 [C89]

The game So, W - Onischuk, A USA-ch 2015, saw a long theoretical line of the Marshall, which led to the following diagram position:

Here Onischuk introduced an interesting novelty, 17...Bf5 instead of 17...Qf5, and equalised easily. Despite Black's loss in the game his novelty 17...Bf5 deserves further practical tests.

Spanish - Archangel with 9.Be3 [C78]

In the game Vachier - Lagrave, M - Svidler, P Bundesliga 2014-15, the players followed a game of the French player from last year for the first 14 moves, and reached the diagram position given below:

Here Maxim deviated from his game against Nakamura (where he played 15.Qb1) going instead for 15.d5. Peter was up to the task and solved his opening problems. A well-played game by both players, if we ignore a couple of slight inaccuracies (23...Qa5 and 24.Qf5). I would recommend that Black play 23...Qb2.

Spanish - Breyer with 17.Be3 [C95]

Another Bundesliga game Duda, J - Adams, M Bundesliga 2014-15, saw a well-known line of the Breyer system.

Here White deviated from the common 17.Bg5, preferring 17.Be3, which is much less popular these days. Three moves later Adams deviated from a recent game from the final of the Women World Championship with 19...h5, instead of Pogonina's 19...Nfd7!? An interesting game despite some mistakes from both sides, 17.Be3 is a playable alternative to 17.Bg5.

Spanish - Anti-Berlin with 4 d3 Bc5 5.Bxc6 [C65]

The extremely interesting and important game Wei Yi-Xiu Deshun TCh-China 2015, saw an early piece sacrifice in the diagram position:

Here Black went for the principled 8...Nxg4 and obtained good compensation for the piece. A well-played game by both players despite some mistakes towards the end. Black's piece sacrifice is extremely interesting and requires more practical tests, 11.Kh1 is a possible improvement upon White's play.

Exchange Spanish with 5...f6 6.d4 Bg4 [C69]

The game Heimann,An-Naiditsch,A 19th Neckar Open 2015, saw the solid line of the Exchange Spanish with 5...f6. The players followed an old game Hubner,R-Beliavski, Polanica Zdroj 1996, for the first 12 moves reaching the diagram position:

Heimann played 13.Bg5 instead of Hubner's 13.Rd3 and won extremely quickly, mostly thanks to Black's unexplainable blunder on the 14th move (14...exf4??). A surprisingly easy win for the Austrian player. 9...0-0-0 looks like a more accurate option than 9...Bd6.

Scotch with 4...Bc5 [C45]

An early novelty took place in the game Yu Ruiyuan-Yu Yangyi TCh-China 2015.

Here White played 8.Na4 instead of more common 8.Qg3 and soon came under pressure because of the inaccurate 11.gxf3 (instead of 11.Bxf3, which leads to an equal position). White's opening idea will hardly find many followers.

Two Knights with 4.d4, 7...Bc5 [C56]

The game Nakamura, H - Onischuk, A USA-ch 2015, saw an old line of the Two Knights. The critical position arose after 11...Rb8:

Here White castled, 12.0-0, and Black equalised easily. Only Black's later inaccuracy 23...Re8?!, and subsequent blunder 27...Nxf2? decided the game in White's favour. In case of 23...g6 the position is equal. 12.Qxd5 is a better practical chance than 12.0-0 to set Black problems.

Petroff with 3.d4 Nxe4 4.dxe5 [C43]

In the game Nepomniachtchi, I - Grigoriants, S Aeroflot Open 2015, the players quickly reached the rare diagram position:

here Ian introduced the novelty 9.c3. Black started to ruin his position first with the optimistic 17...g5 and then 19...Bxf6?, which was too careless. The system played by White in the game may look innocent, but in fact Black should play very accurately to retain equal chances.


See you next month, Victor.

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