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Hi everybody!
The Wijk ann Zee tournament gave me a lot of new material to look at, so much that it was impossible to examine all the novelties in just one update. So it will take a few months to exhaust them all, but this time I concentrated most of my efforts on the Scotch and the Möller/Archangel line of the Spanish. Olivier

Download PGN of January '07 1 e4 e5 games

Scotch Opening [C45]

In the game Sadvakasov - Mamedyarov White tried a new idea with 8 Na4 but the answer 8...Bb4+! appears to refute the whole concept:

The strong Indian Grandmaster lost to a sub 2300 ELO player in Valmana - Canto - Harikrishna. He got caught in a very dangerous position just after the opening, was clearly lost, and had to sacrifice a piece in the diagram position:

Later White started to make mistakes and Harikrishna could even have turned the tables but he missed his chance and lost a very dramatic game.

White used a tricky move order in the opening of Nedev - Tkachiev:

In reply Black did not play the most precise moves, and Nedev played a very interesting plan of attack. In the tactics that followed both players made mistakes, but Black made the last one.

Steinitz Variation [C66]

In Hou - Yifan - Jonkman White played the Spanish with d3 to avoid the Berlin wall, then play transposed into a Steinitz Defence:

She soon sacrificed a pawn for an attack. Black did not defend accurately and got crushed.

Archangel [C78]

In Negi - Spoelman Black suffered a crushing defeat against the young Indian prodigy Negi, who found a big improvement on one of Anand's games:

A fantastic attacking display!

Hou - Yifan - Shen Yang was a nice game between two of the most talented women in the world, involving 7...d5:

Hracek - Delchev is another look at 7...d5, and later, in a well known position, Delchev found a clear-cut plan to make a solid draw without any trouble.

Open Variation [C83]

White played an old idea of Botvinnik in the Open Spanish, 11 Qe2, and was very successful with it in Vachier - Lagrave - L'Ami:

It is often a good idea to play old lines, rather than follow fashion, and the talented young French player is well aware of this.

See you next month, Olivier Renet

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