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Hello everyone,
First of all I want to apologize for the delay, which was caused by my two month long North American trip.
In this update I decided to fully concentrate on the extremely strong Tal memorial in Moscow, which offered a lot of high quality games and new interesting ideas.

Download PGN of June '13 1 e4 e5 games

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Spanish - Anti-Marshall 8 h3 [C88]

I would like to start with the game Anand, V - Caruana, F Tal memorial Moscow 2013.

In the above diagram position Anand played 11.Nbd2, a line which doesn't seem to promise any advantage for White - in my opinion 11.Nxe5 is critical. Caruana played 11...f6 and gradually outplayed the World Champion. A great technical win from the current World number 3 player!

Zaitsev Variation 12 a3 [C92]

In the game Anand, V - Morozevich, A Tal memorial Moscow 2013, the players followed the game Kamsky, G - Jakovenko, D/Moscow 2007 for the first 20 moves and reached the following position:

Black was the first to deviate with the logical 20....b4, but Vishy reacted pretty well and later outplayed his Russian opponent. A very complex and well played game by both players. The line which occurred in the game requires further practical tests, although I feel that Black should be able to retain the balance with accurate play.

Berlin Defence 5 Re1 [C67]

The game Karjakin, S - Carlsen, M Tal memorial Moscow 2013, featured the seemingly harmless line with 5.Re1, which is, however, not without poison.

In this already extremely rare position Karjakin introduced the new idea 11.Re1, and tried to set some problems for the World number one. However, Magnus was up to the task and neutralized White's pressure without any visible problems. A well played game by both players, but despite the drawish character of the position Black should play carefully.

Berlin Wall 9 h3 [C67]

Caruana, F - Kramnik, V Tal memorial Moscow 2013, saw the well-known Berlin endgame. Kramnik played a provocative line with 9...Bd7 after the relatively rare 9.h3.

In this critical position White introduced a novelty, 14.f5, which led to some extremely sharp and concrete play. A brilliant game! The line which occurred in the game seems to lead to a draw by force, so the ball is now in White's court, and Volokitin's 14.Kg2 probably has to be preferred.

Smyslov Defence 3...g6 [C60]

A very rare system for top events, the Smyslov defence occurred in the game Anand, V - Nakamura, H Tal memorial Moscow 2013.

In the diagram position the World Champion played the rare 6.Bxc6 instead of 6.Ba4. With 16...g4 Nakamura started to take over and eventually forced White to simplify into an inferior knight endgame, which Vishy couldn't hold. A well played game by Nakamura, who proved that side lines like 3...g6 shouldn't be underestimated.

Scotch 4...Bc5 5 Nxc6 bxc6 [C45]

Andreikin, D - Mamedyarov, S Tal memorial Moscow 2013, saw the line with 5...bxc6, which is gaining popularity.

In this already rare position Mamedyarov played the aggressive 7...Qh4. Another excellent game from both players, despite some slight inaccuracies - Black's opening idea looks promising and requires further practical tests.

Scotch Four Knights [C47]

The game Morozevich, A - Kramnik, V Tal memorial Moscow 2013, featured a theoretical line after the rare 13.b3. Eventually the players reached the following position:

Morozevich now introduced the novelty 18.Qf5, but it doesn't seem to cause Black any problems. Kramnik reacted well, but soon played inaccurately, 21...Re5, and allowed White to seize the advantage. White returned the favour with 27.f3 and Black equalized. Morozevich's opening experiment with 13.b3 looks dubious and will hardly find any followers.

Another game in this system, Morozevich, A - Caruana, F Tal memorial Moscow 2013, saw Kramnik's line with 10.h3, which has been gaining popularity since June 2012.

Here White introduced 17.Ng3 and managed to obtain a slight edge. Despite Black's eventual win the game showed that he has to play accurately while facing the Scotch with 10.h3.


See you next month, Victor.

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