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Hi everyone!
Some good news is that the globe-trotting Gawain has now joined the same English league 4NCL team as me and so we will have more time to chat about all things Dragon. Remember that you can always e-mail in if you have a specific topic that you want discussing and indeed that is where we kick off this month...

Download PGN of November '10 Dragon Sicilian games

Maroczy Bind [B36]

Yes, Lilov - Biermann is a subscriber submitted game where one of our regulars brings to our attention the move 10 Qd1!? in the Accelerated Dragon, Gurgenidze System:

Thanks for that Florian. I hope that you are satisfied with Gawain's comments and perhaps we'll see more of that in the future.

Staying with the Maroczy Bind and Giri - Tiviakov is a rare defeat for the Dragon expert who coincidentally also appears to have joined 'Pride and Prejudice' (my 4NCL team).

Yugoslav Attack

On to the normal Dragon Yugoslav Attack and in 9 0-0-0 d5 the encounter So - Robson puts the spotlight back on White accepting the pawn offering:

This could be important, so take note!

In Wallace - Ward White wasn't tempted by the pawn sacrifice either immediately (as above) or after 13...Qb6:

Unfortunately it seems to me that if White isn't in the know about this variation and in particular 14 Na4 then to be on the safe side he is probably likely to take on the endgame. No real thrills here I'm afraid but this gets to grips with the real chances for both sides after 14 Nxd5 sxd5 15 Qxb6 axb6 16 a3:

Moving on and Borner - Pavlovic is more like what we all like to see. It's back to 9 Bc4 and the Chinese variation which really seems to be withstanding the test of time:

Short but sweet and definitely worth seeing.

Now one of the discussions Gawain and I did have the other weekend was about 10 h4 and the effect that has on those Black players who intend to play ...Rc8 rather the Chinese or the lines with ...Nxd4

Certainly not a new topic for this site but Baron - Arribas Lopez revisits that whilst bringing something new to the table regards White trying to save a tempo by not castling.

Okay that's it for now. Back next month.

Best wishes, Chris and Gawain

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