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Hi everyone!
Sorry, no chit chat this month, just straight into the action:

Download PGN of September '12 Dragon Sicilian games

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Accelerated Dragadorf [B72]

We haven't had a Dragadorf for a while and I make no apologies for bringing you Stitterich - Zhou. The talented English junior Yang Fang continues to provide us with entertainment on this site although it is his opponent's use of his knights that is the most visual element of this game, starting here:

Actually I could imagine many club players playing like this as White, but this fun encounter merely supports our previous conclusions on this particular variation of the Accelerated Dragadorf.

Fianchetto System [B70]

The first thing that I talk about in my annotations to the high level game Balogh - Gustafsson is (following 6 g3) the concept of 6...Bg7 versus 6...Nc6. You will see that I find the play of both players illogical in parts but ultimately I just don't like White's system. Parking the bishop on e3 when the c4-square has been thrown to the wolves doesn't strike me as too clever:

and previous instances of White playing like this haven't in general worked out well either. Still, we get to see a thematic exchange sacrifice, so it's not all bad!

Yugoslav Attack 9 0-0-0 d5 Main Line with 12...Nxc3 [B76]

Moving swiftly onto the real action of the Yugoslav Attack and Quesada Perez-Borisek I suppose highlights just what is unappealing to Black in this 9 0-0-0 d5 line:

I like the active move 21...c4! but all the same Black can never realistically hope for more than a draw in this variation. I don't know; I mean objectively a draw with Black, particularly at the top level, should be a good thing. Defending inferior endgames though is never likely to be your average Dragon player's cup of tea!

Yugoslav Attack 9 0-0-0 d5 10 Qe1 [B76]

Spraggett - Gerber, however, is more exciting, although particularly from White's point of view! After 9 0-0-0 d5 White wheels out the still relative sideline 10 Qe1 and following 10...e6, continues with the calm 11 Kb1, rather than the more blatant 11 h4:

There is a reason for this as the white queen soon utilizes that square, thus forming a basis for an ultimately powerful kingside attack. Black should not under-estimate this idea.

Yugoslav Attack 9 Bc4 Topalov System 13 Nd5 [B78]

I am hoping that the game Saric - Schwarhofer might prove instructive. In this system we are used to Black sacrificing a pawn on the queenside, but here Black opts for 16...a4?! instead:

His idea is to force the white bishop to a silly looking square and then pound the c2-pawn. There are one or two surprising tricks involved, but the bottom line is that once Black's threats are rebuffed, it is all one way traffic in White's favor.

Yugoslav Attack 9 Bc4 Topalov System 13 h4 [B78]

In fairness in the above position we have spent quite a bit of time investigating 15...exf6 and have been reasonably satisfied with Black's chances. Given the pin on f7, it appears incredibly risky to recapture with the bishop as that allows the white queen to swiftly descend on h6. However that is exactly what happens in Aroshidze - Kiewra with Black meeting 16 hxg6 with 16...e6:

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised at how good a defender the Dragon bishop is when unchallenged by an opposing dark-squared bishop, but this game and associated annotations are all hairy stuff. As you will see there is plenty of opportunity for either side to go wrong.

Okay guys, back real soon.

Best wishes Chris

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