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This month the KID was tested at the Olympiad and some other strong tournaments, so this month most of the games come from the exciting event in Chennai.

Download PGN of August ’22 KID games

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Fianchetto, Kavalek Variation 7...Qa5 8.Ne1 [E62]

In the first game, Zhakshylykov, E - Berg, E, Black went for the Fianchetto Variation line with 7...Qa5 and White replied with a very rare move, 8.Ne1:

Normally White plays this against, say, 7...Bf5 to prepare e2-e4. Black managed to develop and got a decent game. In the middlegame White first made one slight mistake, 18.Nb5, and then a few moves later blundered and was left with two pawns less. After that Berg won easily.

Fianchetto, Uhlmann's System 8.h3 Nxd4 [E62]

Banucz, T -Draskovich, L was also in the Fianchetto , but here Black opted for the Uhlmann System with 6...Nc6 and then 7....e5. White went for a rare line with 8.h3 and soon the game left theory.

Black managed to get a nice game, but later White managed to force his opponent into a position with an isolated pawn and was pressing for a long time. In the equal endgame Black went for the wrong plan and lost.

Classical, Petrosian Variation 7.d5 a5 8.Bg5 h6 9.Be3 [E92]

Grigoryan, K - Movsziszian, K featured the line named after their compatriot Tigran Petrosian. White opted for 9.Be3, instead of the more standard 9.Bh4, and Black played 11...Bxf5!?, which is actually better than the more popular 11...gxf5.

After 12...e4 Black has the initiative and should have followed an earlier game with 14...Ne5 where Black has an edge. Instead, he opted for 14...Be5 and White managed to get a pleasant game. The game was roughly equal for a long time until Black blundered with 30....Qd7 and later lost.

Classical, Petrosian Variation 7.d5 a5 8.Bg5 h6 9.Bh4 mainline [E92]

The duel Roselli, B - Christianssen, J was also in the Petrosian System and followed the main lines until 12.Rb1:

Here Black could go for ...f7-f5 ideas because compared to the other lines ...Bxf5 sometimes comes with gain of tempo, but he went for the standard plan with 14...h5. It was still all theory even after Black went for the bad move 19....Na6 instead of the correct 19...Na4. White now had a big advantage, but later Black found a nice tactic with 28....e4 and even managed to turn the game around and win.

Classical Variation 6...c6 7.0-0 e5 8 Be3 Na6 [E94]

Flores, D - Onischuk, V was in the not so popular Donner Variation, and after White went 9.Rb1 it was an even rarer position:

Black managed to get a promising position with ease, and later White should have been more cautious and try to get a safe game, instead he went for complications with 20.g4 and after he played 22.Bxa8 he was already losing. Black finished the attack in style.

Classical Variation 7...Na6 8 Re1 Bg4 [E94]

Vidit, S - Yakubboev, N was played in the most important match at the Olympiad. It featured the Classical line with 7...Na6 and after 8 Re1 Bg4 the game soon moved into a quiet position.

Here Black introduced the move 14...Bxc3, which was a good novelty. In the past few years the engines have been encouraging such a trade, which in the past was unthinkable. The game was about equal but both players were trying hard, even so, after a very long fight it was still a draw.

Classical Variation 7...Bg4 8.dxe5 Bxf3 [E94]

Sargissian, G - Amin, B was in a rare variation of the Classical with 7...Bg4. White took 8.dxe5 and after 8...Bxf3 a few pieces were traded.

Interestingly here also we saw 14...Bxc3 exactly as in the previous game. It seems that people are not so attached to the mighty King's Indian bishop these days!

It was a long battle where at some point White managed to get some advantage for a while but then lost it and so it was a draw.

Classical Variation 7...Nbd7 8.Re1 Re8 9.d5 [E94]

Rychagov, A - Demchenko, A was in the Old Classical system. Black played 8...Re8 but only 3 moves later he went for an almost new move, returning back with 11...Rf8:

This turned out to be interesting as he quickly prepared ...f7-f5. Then there was another original idea with 16...Qb8 and a few moves later the queen reached f2 via a7. After that Black got a winning attack, but later he complicated the game without need and lost his advantage. However, White soon blundered and lost anyway.

Till next month, Marian

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