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This month there are some interesting games, more often than not involving GMs. Most of them were from the Bundesliga and some open tournaments. Overall, in none of the games were there any upsets as the players with the bigger rating got the results.

Download PGN of March ’22 KID games

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Fianchetto Variation 6...c6 7.b3 [E60]

The game Garzon , S - Fernandez, A featured a line where White opted for a double fianchetto variation. Black used one of the main plans with the immediate 7...e5 and soon the queens were off. Black found the interesting new idea 11...a5 and he managed to equalize.

Later White decided to give a pawn for the initiative but Black defended well and could have gained an advantage. Then after a lot of twists Black managed to win anyway.

Seirawan Variation 6...Nc6 7.0-0 Nh5 8.Be3 [E62]

Alfonso, D - Sama, S featured the Seirawan Variation. After only a few moves there was a novelty with 10 a4:

Black found a good idea with 10...c5 but then, after the unprepared 12...f5, White could have won material. He missed this and then the game was roughly equal. Slowly White managed to outplay his opening in the middle game and got a big advantage, but suddenly he missed one nice tactic and actually lost.

Makagonov System 5.h3 0-0 6.Be3 Na6 7.g4 c5 [E71]

In the game between Maze, S - Neef, M we have a Makagonov system where Black opted for the 7..c5 line which was not met by d5, but instead by 8.Nge2 and the game went into some kind of Dragon Maroczy Bind with g4:

It turned out that this was not so bad for White and he got more space. In thematic fashion Black was just waiting for the right moment to play ...b5 and at some point he did and took over the initiative. Later he missed his advantage and in the end the game was drawn.

Classical, Makagonov Variation 6.h3 e5 7.Be3 [E90]

Fluvia, P - Torrecillas, M. was a rare line we've never looked at before where after 6.h3 e5 White played 7.Be3 instead of 7.d5, and after only 10 moves the position was already new.

Black had the option of ...Nxe4 for a few moves, but he took it at maybe not the best moment and White was slightly better. Then it was funny how both players were trying to use the two different long diagonals to create a strong attack. After Black managed to defend it was a simple equal endgame which he managed to lose with a blunder, although the drawing plan was not so easy to find.

Classical Variation 6.Bd3 Bg4 7.Be2 [E91]

Dardha, D - Reuker, J was a rare line which has never been covered on ChessPublishing before, but which has actually become popular lately. In the Classical line White goes 6.Bd3 and after the reply 6...Bg4 suddenly 7 Be2:

White loses a tempo but claims that he is happy seeing ...Bg4, and Dubov used it to beat Carlsen in 2020.

In this game Black used a standard plan to take control of d4 and then he went for ...f5. This has been played before until 17...c5. White managed to get a slight advantage but soon the game went into an equal endgame. Then, without any need, Black lost another pawn and, after a long battle, lost.

Classical, Exchange Variation mainline 9.Bg5 Re8 10.Nd5 Nxd5 11.cxd5 c6 12.Bc4 [E90]

Abdusattorov, N - Sadhwani, R was an Exchange Variation. It has a bad reputation as Black has several options to get an equal game. This was the main line with 9...Re8 but then, instead of 13...Nd7, Black went for 13...Nc6:

Here Black is still fine but he has to find some good moves. He played the active 16...f5 which allowed White to bring his rook to d7 in the endgame and to get an edge. In the end Black could not defend the endgame and lost.

Classical, Bayonet Attack 9...a5 10.Ba3 axb4 11.Bxb4 b6 [E97]

Babula, V - Kozul, Z was in the topical Bayonet Attack, the line with 9...a5. White was following one of the main lines and Black went for the deviation 13...Kh8:

His opponent was not prepared and after the novelty 15...c6 Black took over the initiative and won a pawn. After that Kozul had a clear way to gain an edge, but instead he went for other plans and then White managed to keep the material and get some counterplay. After a long battle it was drawn.

Classical, Bayonet Attack 9...a5 10.bxa5 Rxa5 11.a4 Ne8 12.Bd2 [E97]

Bogner, S - Schroeder, J was again the Bayonet Attack. but this time with 10.bxa5 and then the rare line 12 Bd2:

After only 13 there was a new position which is not that common for one of the most popular systems in the KID. Funnily enough, just like the other game Black took the initiative with the same idea 16...c6. Shortly after White has lost his centre and Black was clearly better. Then he increased his advantage but at some moment both players started to make mistakes and after some further twists it was drawn.

Till next month, Marian

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