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with IM David Vigorito

David VigoritoWelcome to the new Anti-Sicilians site, not to be confused with any sites about Sicilian Aunts. The name sounds a little negative as it stands-I prefer not to be 'anti' when it is possible to be 'pro', so you could also think of this as the Pro-Sicilian site. I will be looking at all lines from both sides, and as a life-long Sicilian player I have a vested interest in ensuring that The Sicilian remains intact!

The importance of the lines covered here should not be underestimated. The Sicilian is by far the best scoring line against 1 e4 and many white players invest a lot of time in their favourite Anti-Sicilian systems. There are a huge number of dangerous weapons that White can unleash, and many of them are every bit as dangerous as the open Sicilian. It is my job to bring these weapons out of the theoretical shadows and into the analytical light.

You will learn more from interaction than passive absorption, so subscribers can feel free to ask me relevant questions at