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Happy Christmas everyone!
I'm mostly covering Bb5 lines here, but there is also a 2 c3 effort of my own.

Download PGN of November '11 Anti-Sicilian games

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The c3 Sicilian 2...d6 [B22]

In Collins - Gormally I achieved an overwhelming position against the 2...d6 line:

but then messed up my advantage and drew. Fortunately Sermek shows us how it should be done, in a game from 17 years ago!

Rossolimo 3...e6 [B30]

Two games played by Vadim Zviaginsev in two days showcase White's resources.

In Zviaginsev - Polschikov, Zviaginsev improves on an earlier game against Ivanchuk in the 3...e6 variation. Black castles prematurely and dismantles his own kingside:

with predictable results.

Rossolimo 3...g6 [B31]

In Zviagnsev - Bocharov, the 3...g6 variation is met with an early a4:

This shouldn't have posed too many problems, as indicated in the notes, but following a number of black inaccuracies Zviaginsev wins a nice game.

Moscow Variation 3...Nd7 [B51]

The downsides of this ambitious variation are highlighted in our selected games.

Jones - Cheparinov shows Cheparinov repeating an unpromising line used earlier by Giri, with 7...Bg4 8 Nc3 e6:

and getting ground down in a well-played endgame.

Fedorchuk - Ponomariov is a fantastic attacking effort against one of the world's top players.

Moscow/Rossolimo Hybrid [B51]

In the course of dominating the recent British rapidplay championship, Gawain played a couple of nice games with Black in this line. These are covered in Mannion - Jones.

Moscow Variation 3...Bd7 [B52]

Carlsen - Nepomniatchi sees the modern treatment of the Maroczy Bind positions, with h3 in lieu of f3:

Magnus achieves nothing from the opening, but then outplays his opponent before an error results in perpetual check.

Till next month, Sam

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